Bakugan Baku-Clip S2
Bakugan Baku-Clip S2
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  • معرف المنتج IBD106GEN00901

Bakugan Baku-Clip S2

QAR 79.00
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  • EXCLUSIVE FUSED BAKUGAN: Every Baku-Clip comes with a different exclusive fused Bakugan! Combining 2 factions, fused Bakugan are all-new, powerful characters to add to your collection!
  • HOLDS 3 BAKUGAN: The Baku-Clip holds everything you need to battle! There’s room inside for 3 Bakugan and BakuCores, and there’s a clip on the back for your game cards!
  • CARD STORAGE: Featuring a clip in the back, you can easily store and secure your character and ability cards on the Baku-Clip until you’re ready to brawl!
  • CLIP IT ANYWHERE: Easily attach the Baku-Clip onto your backpack or beltloop and take your battling on the go! You can also stack two Baku-Clips together. Collect them all (each sold separately)!
  • Includes: 1 Baku-Clip, 1 Exclusive Bakugan, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card
  • Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. See below for full details
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