Infantino Jungle Ferris Wheel
Infantino Jungle Ferris Wheel
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Infantino Jungle Ferris Wheel

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Little gigglers will get a tickle out of this silly spinner that features a cheerfully hued roller ball, rattling noises and attached suction cup for stability at play. Babies will enjoy spinning the wheel around and around. Meanwhile, as the wheel spins, bebee and his friends will also whirl around on their seats. Your child will be dizzy with laughter by the rattling sounds and colourful roller ball in the center. A suction cup attachment ensures that it will stay in place as it spins on any smooth surface such as high-chairs, stroller trays, and tables.

  • Enhance fine motor skills through moving beads and the spinning ferris wheel
  • Sturdy suction cup holds toys in place
  • BPA Free
  • Ages  6 months +
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