Plum Wooden Lookout Tower with Swings
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  • معرف المنتج YWT106GEN00040

Plum Wooden Lookout Tower with Swings

QAR 5,499.00
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Your little voyagers can embark on imaginative journeys and epic adventures with our Lookout Tower with Swings.

The swing set includes a ladder which leads up to the mighty Wooden Tower as well as a rock wall with multi-coloured hand and foot grips providing a more challenging route to the play deck.  Your little ones can keep lookout for enemies in the distance or steer the ship in a different direction, calling commandments to their team.

An 8ft wave slide will see them soar down and hideout in the ball pit that sits below deck. It’s the perfect place to plan the day’s adventures! This also includes a swing arm with double swings, which have soft feel ropes so little hands stay out of harms way.  

If it wasn’t feature rich enough, the Lookout Tower also come with play binoculars, steering wheel and mirror accessories for more fun imaginative play!

Made from pressure treated, ethically sourced FSC® certified wood, the Lookout Tower is super durable meaning years of play value!

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