Simba - Steffi Love Flamingo
Simba - Steffi Love Flamingo
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Simba - Steffi Love Flamingo

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  • Dress up doll: Steffi Love is a real fashion doll who loves stylish clothes, trendy hairstyles, her little sister Evi and of course her friend Kevin Girls can style and dress her doll in current fashion trends
  • With fur jacket: Steffi can also wear a soft pink fur jacket with the sunglasses and bag, she is ready for her great look
  • With a flamingo skirt: Steffi wears a trendy outfit consisting of a silver glitter dress and a pink and white striped skirt. Plus, she can attach a sheer pink overskirt with flamingo print and make her outfit a real eye-catcher.
  • WITH STRANDS OF GLITTER: Steffi loves unusual hairstyles and has a perfect strand of pink glitter in her hair Steffi Love Flamingo stands 11.4 inches tall and suitable for ages 3 and up
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